This is a magazine for culture makers and the people inspired by them who are tired of feeling ashamed of their emotions and mental illnesses. People who wish there was a section in their dating profiles where they could air the dirty inner laundry once and for all. People whose work is fueled by, thwarted by, formed because of the struggles in our emotional DNA.

Anxy is for people who crave open discussions about coping with anxiety, depression, fear, anger, trauma, shame, and all those other game changers that map the direction of our work and our lives. 

More specifically, we’re aimed at people like us — people who’ve perhaps dabbled with therapy, and are already talking about their issues with friends. They’re seeking out larger platforms to better understand themselves and learn about others who wrestle with this same crap. We’re also a magazine for the family members and friends who struggle right along with us when we’re going through a rough patch that lasts days, months, or even decades. This is the right time to have this conversation.


Other publishers are beginning to broach the topic, and many public figures have come forward with personal revelations about mental health. Actor Kristen Bell wrote about her struggles with depression and anxiety; comedian and podcaster Marc Maron has made a career out of talking about complex emotional issues with his creative peers.

We feel a real revolution taking place around normalizing mental health outside the medical arena and in the creative space. Anxy cuts through the clutter to offer real discussions and striking explorations of the wildcards our brains and bodies throw our way.