Anxy is not just a magazine about our inner worlds, it’s a community of people who want to bring those worlds out into the open.We want to tell the real stories behind people’s lives, the unedited version.

And we’re starting by sharing a bit of us with you, to show you why we are Anxy, to say it’s okay for you to be anxy too.

"Most of us when we survive feel overwhelming worthlessness. Yet it’s one of the hardest feelings to pinpoint, because it can feel like so many other things"

I’m Anxy — But I’m Not the Only One 
Indhira Rojas


“We couldn’t just live with who we were. We needed to create these large personas that masked the tired or anxious or burned out people inside.” 

I’m All Too Familiar with The Sound of Anxy
Jennifer Maerz


“Without even realizing it, my anxiety, my fear of rejection, had created this wall between me and everyone else.”

Madison Kahn

“...talking about it not only demystified the scary things that were happening to me; it also opened little windows of intimacy between me and the other person."

What Happened When I Confessed Being Anxy
Kati Krause

“Both addiction and depression thrive on isolation and alienation. They blossom in the depths of loneliness”

Trying to Drink the Anxy Away
Katie MacBride


“Your struggles don’t just go away, but you can choose how you carry the weight.”

When Anxy Behaviors Get Passed Between Generations
Michelle Le


“After years of ignoring the stress and anxiety in my life, I was burning out and losing perspective. Working hard wasn’t enough of an answer.”

Here’s Why I’m Anxy Too
Bobbie Johnson